Our medical aid products and services

The Medical Scheme industry is under strict regulation and requirements via the Council for Medical Schemes and the Financial Services Board which makes it so much more imperative to gather the correct information and advice in order for you to make an informed decision.

Potential and existing  clients need to recognise the importance of choosing a medical aid scheme that is not only sustainable but is ultimately efficient, matching up to their exact needs, while staying within the realistic constraints of their budget.

At CureMed we ensure that we stay constantly vigilant of potential risks that could impact your selected medical aid product benefits, premiums or sustainability.

In addition we continuously analyse industry trends using leading indicators which has resulted in us selecting the best medical aid products based on the results we found after our in depth analysis.

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What factors we look at when selecting our medical aid products

  • Size of the scheme – The size indicates it’s ability to negotiate better rates and tariffs with it’s service providers.  A small scheme cannot negotiate the same favorable rates that a large scheme is able to do.
  • Reserves – Products have to comply with maintaining a 25% reserve ratio according to the Medical Schemes Act.
  • Average Age – Age impacts health expenditure.  A higher average age will have a much higher claims ratio than medical aid schemes with a lower average age.
  • Managed Healthcare – The ability to manage the health of it’s members by an expert team with a proven track record ensures that members receive the best treatment when they need it most.
  • Administration – Medical insurance products should conduct their business with sound administration practices. Paying claims and providing quality client service support is of utmost importance.
  • Benefits – Products should have multiple benefit options available to allow members to change option once their health or financial status  changes.
  • Contributions – Contributions should be competitive and appropriate for the benefits offered.


Our business model encourages an on-going partnership between ourselves, our service providers and our clients. It is inevitable that a client’s health risks and requirements will change in their life cycle. We take the utmost pride in our ability to offer on-going advice to our clients while assisting them with the professionalism and compassion that is needed when dealing with medically related issues.

Our medical insurance services include the following: