Affordable Medical Aid Schemes

There are approximately 83 medical aid schemes currently on offer in South Africa, CureMed works closely with reputable schemes that meet our qualifying criteria.

When we are approached for advice on choosing a medical aid scheme, we assign a specific health adviser to the client who then conducts a personalised needs analysis based on the following factors:

  • Financial status and budget
  • Current health status and health requirements
  • Domestic situation
  • Current medication
  • Location to medical personnel and hospital facilities

We are geared towards providing our clients with enough information to facilitate them in making an informed decision when choosing the best medical scheme for their specific needs.

We ensure that we stay aware of all industry trends and remain vigilant when assessing a medical aid scheme. We do this in order to ensure we provide our clients with the best medical aid scheme available in relation to their available budget.

Please see below the reputable medical aid schemes we have chosen to work with for your benefit:

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