Leading Medical Aid Brokers

CureMED Health and Wealth Consultants is a licensed medical aid brokerage that has been servicing clients in the medical aid industry throughout South Africa since its establishment in 1992. Our twenty-four-year track record serves as a testament to our ability to provide consultancy services that not only address our clients needs but in many cases surpass them.

The working culture at CureMed has been carefully built on the morals of mutual respect, honesty and integrity between the management team and the employees.

Our mission is to provide people with personalised services that are geared towards educating and empowering people to make calculated decisions when it comes to choosing the correct medical aid scheme and option for their unique needs.

As professional medical aid brokers and wealth advisers, our primary goal is to provide sound professional advice and efficient assistance on any medical aid and wealth related matters that concern individuals, SME’s and larger employer group organisations.

Put all your medical aid and wealth worries aside and fill in our medical aid quote form and one of our health advisers will contact you shortly.

As experienced medical aid and wealth consultants we base our work on the following pillars:

Client relationships

We are dedicated to building prosperous and long-term relationships with our clients and business partners by interacting on a personal level to ensure communication channels are clear and client satisfaction remains high.


By working together and directing individual talents into the suited areas of service, we at CureMED are all driven towards a common goal.


We are about people. Our clients and our employees are always treated with sincerity and simplicity. Keeping communication channels open and empowering the people we come into contact with is what we uphold as an important part of our value system.